IP Audit
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Acquisition transaction:

  • Whether rights available are required
  • Basis for valuing rights to be acquired
  • Action that must be taken before transaction is consummated or after acquisition

Written report (if not discoverable) containing:

  • Catalog of IP assets
  • Development history of technology at hand
  • Plan for economical use
  • Actions to maintain those assets
  • Review employment and disclosure policies in order to protect assets
  • IP defects uncovered during audit
  • Action to be taken to address any of client's specific needs


  • Report on patentable technologies currently not protected
  • Copyright, trademark registration applications to be filed
  • Affidavits of continued use of trademarks
  • Maintenance fees to keep patents in force


  • Procedure to ensure appropriate filings are made in a timely manner in future
  • Committee to evaluate patentability and decide whether to file patent applications (cost/benefit analysis)